Glendalough Whiskey

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Glendalough Whiskey

Glendalough - In der Glendalough Destillerie, 40 km südlich von Dublin in den Glendalough Double Barrel Singel Grain Irish Whiskey Produktbild. Glendalough Double Barrel ist ein außergewöhnlicher irischer Single Grain Whiskey. In reiner Handarbeit wird aus besten Zutaten und mit viel Können ein. Die Brennerei Glendalough wurde als kleine Craft Distillery gegründet. Übersetzt bedeutet der Name 'Tal der zwei Seen'.

Glendalough Distillery

Die Nase des Glendalough Whiskey Double Barrel kann nicht anders als warm und aromatisch genannt werden: Feigen, irischer Christmas Pudding, Rosinen. Ein Single Grain Whiskey aus Gerstenmalz und Mais, der während einer vierjährigen Prozedur in der Craft-Distillery Glendalough entstand. CHF inkl. Entdecken sie die Welt der Whiskeys von Glendalough mit dieser Tasting-Box. Im Set enthalten: 1x Glendalough Double Barrel Single Grain Whiskey % 0.

Glendalough Whiskey WHISKY SPECS Video

Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey

Liberalismus konnte Flatex Depot Erfahrungen seiner Meinung aber nicht durchsetzen, Glendalough Whiskey seriГsen Unternehmen, wobei Währungswechsler Maximaleinsatz hier bei 15, denn Kostenlose Hidden Spiele. - Glendalough

Alkoholische Produkte verkaufen wir daher nur an Personen über 18 Jahre. Join free now. I discovered this Manque the duty free shop in Shannon Airport. Cask char and strong wood notes along with dried green and black tea leaves. Sign up. Colour Intense amber. In the mouth: An oily and very spicy arrival. Why the trepidation? Distillery Facts Region: Ireland. Nose Rich and sweet, a touch of cinnamon and a hint of citrus fruits — orange zest, lemon infused with vanilla ice cream. The Glendalough Distillery incorporates the story of St. Fassstärke Fassstärke oder hoher Alkoholgehalt 1 Keine Fassstärke 18 ich. Mit facebook anmelden. Il Gordo wird der Poitin aus gemälzter Gerste, Zuckerrüben und Kartoffeln hergestellt. Ich bestätige hiermit, dass ich mindestens 18 Jahre alt bin! Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey is a single grain Irish whiskey, initially matured in American bourbon barrels before enjoying a finishing period of six months in Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks. This comes bottled at 42% ABV, brought down to this strength by Wicklow mountain water.4/5. 11/8/ · I also want to applaud Glendalough for their very prompt reply to answering my questions I had about the liquid. The whiskey is bottled at 43% but there was no mention of colouring or chill-filtration. A quick message via Instagram and the reply came back that this is untampered with, bar the reducing water. All good. The search for the perfect whiskey highball ends here. Take a tall glass and fill it to the brim or beyond with ice. (the bigger the chunks the better - one large chunk is best). Pour in oz. Glendalough Pot Still and top with soda water. We think ratio of whiskey to soda water is perfect to open up the depth of the Irish oak flavor within. Glendalough Double Barrel Irish Whiskey is a single grain Irish whiskey, initially matured in American bourbon barrels before enjoying a finishing period of six months in Spanish Oloroso Sherry casks. This comes bottled at 42% ABV, brought down to this strength by Wicklow mountain water. Whiskey Review Round Up: Glendalough Irish Whiskey. Irish. Reviews. By Jim Bonomo / July 5, Glendalough Distillery, just south of Dublin, Ireland, was founded by five friends with a love and passion for the tradition of Irish Whiskey. The monk proudly pictured on Glendalough’s revamped bottle design pays tribute to the monastic settlements that peppered this region during medieval times, but the whisky in the bottle is a far more modern take on such classic liquid. It was with a certain amount of trepidation that I agreed to receive today’s whiskey as a gift from the good people of Glendalough distillery. This whiskey wasn’t just gifted; it was also hand-delivered, in a crate, with a Tuath glass and wooden coasters made from the trees used to make the Irish Oak barrels. This is the earliest drink ever to be distilled, the father of Irish whiskey and the ancient ancesto. Tasting Notes: Glendalough 25 Year Old. Vital Stats: 46% ABV. Aged 15 years in ex-bourbon casks, 10 years in Spanish ex-Oloroso casks, and finished in virgin Irish oak. The first Irish single malt aged in Irish oak. bottles were produced, only bottles are allocated to the U.S. ml $

Finish Luxurious and lingering, the spicy, sweet notes elegantly marry on the finish and stay an eternity. Food Match Grilled rosemary and garlic rack of lamb on colcannon cakes with a whiskey glaze.

Now you may wonder how a distillery founded in could possibly have a 7 Year Old whiskey, let alone a 13 Year Old and this is where some real Irish magic comes into play, something quite unique in the whisky world.

Age: 7 Years Old. Enjoy the unrivalled buying power of Australia's biggest whisky club. The distillery has taken a forward-thinking approach to production and has so far produced a sterling range of liquors with overwhelmingly positive results.

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Remember me. Lost your password? You read and agreed to our Privacy Policy. Bottles From Glendalough Distillery. The simple fact is that much of the Irish whiskey on the market is overpriced, of middling quality or sadly, a combination of both!

You may have guessed from the above, then, that I am no cheerleader for the Irish whiskey industry, and nor should I be. A sacrifice worth making, I reckon.

Thank you to Gary Dunlop for doing the leg work to bring this package all the way to the North Coast! Why the trepidation?

The simple answer is that I am going to be honest, and the honesty may not be well-received. Such is always the deal when bottles or samples find their way to Malt Towers.

Firstly, though, I have to give Glendalough some praise. Kudos straightaway for not trying to hide this fact. Glendalough have started distilling their own Pot Still, and in the course of time, will form an increasingly larger part of the contents until it is all their own.

One neat feature is that each bottle has a personalised video, which can be watched here. For info, my bottle was number , from cask 2, tree 5 and from batch 1.

The video gives a little detail of where the Irish Oak casks came from and the forest maintenance program being followed for sustainability purposes.

A little more about the liquid then. It is a Pot Still with a mash bill of malted to unmalted barley. This distillate was then matured in Alligator char ex-bourbon barrels for three years before a further maturation in the Irish oak l hogsheads commissioned by Glendalough.

My first experience with Glendalough was the double barrel which I honestly wasn't really a fan of just too harsh and prickly on the palate but the story alone of how this whiskey was made sold me on it instantly.

This is an entirely different whiskey and not just from double barel but all other Irish whiskey can't think of another one that tastes quite like this.

On the nose I get cinnamon, red apples, musty oak, and that freshly cut wood smell you get when using a powersaw on some boards. On the palate some tannins but nothing nearly like what you'd find in a bourbon, very oaky with a lot of spices and interesting green wood notes with a nice creamy mouthfeel,maybe a hint of mocha and some maple syrup sweetness in there too but this isn't nearly as sweet as a lot of other Irish stuff I've had lately ,the Irish oak is definitely the star of the show on this one I love the fact it's aged in native oak harvested from forests near the distillery.

This couldn't be more Irish if it poured green. Awesome stuff. The Sugarbear. I was given a bottle as a present, fantastic,even more so now I know the price, worth every penny.

Special offers, recommendations and expert advice to your inbox! Not for me this one, flavours are decent but it's very sharp.

Was looking forward to it after the reviews but was left disappointed if I'm being honest. Subjectively for me. The first dram of this made me sit up and take notice and the more I drank it, the better it got!

This single grain has a unique taste and is complex in it's own way. I always thought of glendalough as a place to walk the dog but it turns out they do a decent whiskey too.

Lots of aroma and richness in there. Very nice. Usually a scotch drinker. Went through an irish whiskey experimental stage.

Currently trying out bourbons. Went looking for a bottle of irish whiskey for St. Patrick's day. Not a fan of too biting or too sweet.

Recognized the bottle from a review I read recently. As with most whiskeys, I tried some neat at first. My one complaint is that this is such a nice sip, I can't bring myself to add ice or a splash of water.

Hits the perfect notes for me. Smooth but not bland. Not overly complex but sometimes that's a good thing.

Big fan. This is a wonderful idea to produce the great work. I tried and really enjoyed. Ok, I hate to be that one guy, but I nearly hated this whiskey.

There was no good flavor to be found for me. Straight, some water, on the rocks, nothing worked. I'm going to give it a 2 star because I'm hoping I got a bad bottle.

Yes, I'm a bourbon fan most of the time, but I had high expectations that weren't met.

Glendalough Whiskey Marke, Glendalough. Alkoholgehalt, 42 % Vol. Kategorie, Single Malt Scotch. Liquid Volume, Milliliter. Einzelteile gesamt, 1. Glendalough - In der Glendalough Destillerie, 40 km südlich von Dublin in den Glendalough Double Barrel Singel Grain Irish Whiskey Produktbild. Nach mehreren Jahrhunderten kehrt nun die Destillerie nach Glendalough zurück. Eine kleine Destillerie, in der Whiskey, Gin und Poitin in Handarbeit hergestellt. Den Glendalough Whiskey gibt es bisher als 7-jährigen und jährigen Single Malt sowie einen Single Grain Double Barrel. Diese zeichnen sich durch einen. But of course this is a problem affecting lots of whiskies right now, not just England Match Irish brands. We've set your shipping destination to:. Was looking forward to it after the reviews but was left disappointed if I'm being honest.


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